The Harsh Truths About Valentine’s Day No Single Lady Will Admit

Valentine’s Day. Even the thought of it is cringe-worthy for the single ladies out there… or so they say.


For every 5 girls who claim they “hate Valentine’s Day” at least 3 of them are lying. Why lie you ask? I thought it was obvious – no one wants to admit they’re lonely. The truth is, for most girls it’s easier to spend the day faking their hatred rather than roll around in a bed of self-pity spoon feeding themselves ice-cream (been there, done that). What most singles desire most, is to be in a relationship celebrating this hallmark holiday for themselves and their significant other. Unfortunately, this is not a reality everyone gets the “pleasure” of experiencing and this is why people project hate towards the world on this day. I don’t blame them. Even though most singles don’t actually hate the holiday, there are many reasons to have it out for V-Day. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • First of all, what is it with the correlation between chocolate and V-Day? I mean I love chocolate and all but I don’t need to be receiving heaps of it from my significant other just so they can watch me stuff my face – pass.
  • And what are you supposed to do when V-Day falls on a weekend? If you’re going to go out on Valentine’s Day you might as well walk around with a giant sign that reads “SINGLE & DESPERATE”.
  • The whole world has built up this expectation around V-Day that it’s meant to be spent with someone. If you’re single you’re better off staying home and avoiding anyone whose going to hit you with the “awe, it’s ok… you’ll find someone someday!” spiel.
  • Ok, so you’re single and have decided to embrace it. You and your fellow single ladies (or fellas) make dinner plans, but unfortunately every restaurant is impossible to get in without a reservation. You find yourself  sitting in a Mickey D’s at the end of the night stuffing your face with a Jr. bacon cheeseburger and once again, reminded of how single you all are.


While the above circumstances are harsh realities every single person has experienced at least once in their life (if you don’t agree with me stop lying to yourself),  it’s all a part of the viscous cycle. And as much as being single on Valentine’s Day can suck, it’s really not all that bad. Here’s why the single’s need to stop pretending to hate this holiday and just embrace it:

  1. Indulge yourself: you can’t expect another to love you without loving yourself. Corny? I don’t care.
  2. Throw a party: Ok. So you can’t go out without appearing desperate. All I hear is an excuse to bring the party to your house.
  3. Go shopping: Cute red dresses… everywhere. Besides, everyone needs an LRD.
  4. Save money: Alternatively, you can skip the mall and just save your money. No one’s expecting presents from you… bonus!
  5. Be thankful: While a lot of relationships appear ‘perfect’ online, many are not. Be thankful you’re not “faking it ’til you’re making it”, ‘aint nobody got time for that.

Moral of the story: stop pretending you hate V-Day, hit up the candy sale the next day, and embrace your single status.


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