Feature Story: Anna Fischer

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the fashion/beauty industry? Do fashion bloggers pique your interest? If so, you need to meet Anna Fischer.

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Anna is a young, vibrant 20 year old living in Kingston, Ontario. She is a business student by day, and a fashion/beauty aficionado by night. Often referred to by friends as a chameleon, she is highly recognized for her constantly changing and evolving style, hair, and makeup. Anna is a girl of a million colours. Her style is eclectic, daring, and timeless. Her goal in life is to inspire others to be true to themselves, and have the courage to stand out like she does.


Anna is constantly hard at work. She juggles being a manager at ALDO, a makeup artist at MAC cosmetics, a freelance artist on the side, and is completing her business degree all while looking flawless at the same time. Despite her busy schedule, I had the chance to interview Anna, getting information on her life as a fashion and beauty guru. Here’s what she had to say: 

Q: How did you first get involved with the fashion/beauty industry?

A:  At the end of grade 11, I had the opportunity to move to a brand new city. I decided to take that opportunity, and run with the wind, embracing every change that came with it. I loved the thought of moving to a new city, where I didn’t know a single soul. That was the year I decided I wanted to reinvent myself. I was always captivated by things and people who were “different” or “unique”, and I knew that this is what I wanted to represent in my life.

Q: Is it hard to “keep up appearances” as a beauty and fashion guru? (By this I mean, don’t you ever just want to walk out of the house with a topknot and sweatpants on?)

A: Some may think that it is hard to keep up appearances, but to me it is like second nature. Some people wake up and work out first thing in the morning because it makes them feel healthy, happy and accomplished. To me, there is nothing more invigorating and satisfying than waking up and creating a new ensemble in terms of clothing, or representing myself with makeup. When I am put together, I feel my best.

Q: How do you maintain expenses when purchasing new clothes and products all the time?

A: For anyone who knows me, they can vouch that I am the worlds greatest thrifter. My favourite and most often visited store is Value village!! (Crazy right?) whoever said one mans junk is another mans treasure wasn’t kidding. My best pieces have come from a little searching and a lot of imagination. This makes maintenance much more affordable, and allows you to have an incredibly unique wardrobe.

Q: Who gives you inspiration? 

A: I don’t have a particular role model, or person who inspires me, but rather a desire, and a goal. I am inspired and motivated by my personal desire to inspire others. I get a thrill out of putting together ensembles in makeup and clothing that make people think. I want to show people that it is amazing to be different, and to think outside the box. It is beautiful to be yourself, and not be ashamed of it. In a world that teaches you to blend in, it is much more rewarding and self fulfilling to stand out.

Q: What are your favourite beauty products?

A: My favourite beauty products that I can’t live without are VIVA Glam III lipstick by MAC, face and body foundation, and Sunbasque blush. For skin care, I use the entire marine bright lightful collection by MAC cosmetics.

Fad or Classic? 

  1. Floppy Hats: Classic
  2. Chokers: Fad
  3. Ombre Hair: Fad
  4. Fur: Classic
  5. Man Buns: Fad
  6. Blanket Scarves: Fad

If you are interested in looking at more of Anna’s makeup or style, be sure to check out her Instagram feed which often features her OOTDs (outfit of the day) and MOTDs (makeup of the day).

Thanks Anna!

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