The Trials and Tribulations of Being 20-Something and Jobless

tumblr_inline_ml1simeHBD1qz4rgpOk. So you’ve just dropped more than a few stacks on your premium college/university education and now you find yourself going back to that old summer job as camp counsellor. It’s only natural to be disappointed as you’ve just spent the last four years being filled with ideas surrounding the promise of success and a dream career. Think again. Being 20-something and FOC (fresh-outta-college) is the equivalent of being stuck in an awkward unemployed limbo that will seem impossible to get out of. While this stage of your life is bound to be nothing short of disappointment, late nights, hard work, and an endless life-supply of coffee… I assure you there is light at the end of the tunnel (I REPEAT: LIGHT. AT. END. OF. TUNNEL).

Now that we’ve come to a mutual understanding that the economy is pretty much a sad pile of sh*t right now offering little to no jobs for college graduates, it’s time to be more positive. So yes, landing a good job is like clawing your way to the finish line of a spartan race, but no, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In my experience, FOC job hunters seem to have this sense of unnecessary self-entitlement. As though reading textbooks and writing exams for the past four years gives a person the “right” to a good job. While you might have an amazing education… you have pretty much no practical skills or experience that lands you the right to a good job (with the exception of those do-gooders who took advantage of internship opportunities – go you!).


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BEAUTY PICKS: A Beginner’s Guide to Lipstick

Untitled Infographic (1)

Above are my current top 4 shades of lipstick. Who ever said dark shades are for the winter and light shades are for the summer was wrong. Lipstick is an integral part to any look and is meant to be played around with! So pick a shade and have some fun. Mwuah.


Words of Wisdom: Competition 101

A little competition never hurt anyone right? Wrong…

While it’s completely natural for most people to feel a sense of competition here and there, it too often happens between friends. As a woman, its hard not to compare yourself to the other women around you. Unfortunately in my case, the women around me most also happen to be my best friends. Comparing things like clothes, beauty, hair, and style are really only minimalist, trivial things and usually aren’t enough to encourage actual competition.

But what do you do when the comparisons start to happen with bigger, more important components of life such as school or college applications? This is where it gets tricky. Meeting your best friends in college or university also means there is a high chance they are in the same program as you. While this can be a positive thing (having friends in your classes, sharing notes, having good partners for group projects), it can also be not so positive.

Going beyond the competition that comes with college applications, what do you do when you and your bestie also have the same dreams, goals, and career path? In this case, it becomes EXTREMELY hard not to get  competitive.

Here are some examples of NORMAL thoughts that might go through your head:

  1. How could she apply to the same program as me, its MY dream not HERS. 
  2. What if she gets in and I don’t? 
  3. What if she becomes successful and I’m stuck waiting tables my whole life? 
  4. What a b*tch. 

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