Pumpkin spice: the flavour that rules them all


Spotted: a wild pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin spice has become a crazy cultural food craze.  It began as flavouring for pie, but has since grown into a long list of foods and household items that seems to get longer every year. There are the pumpkin spice cereals, doughnuts, candles, lotions, beers, and of course the infamous Starbucks pumpkin spice latte just to name a few.

So where did it all come from and why is it such a big deal? Simply put, it’s nostalgic. Americans root themselves in tradition, and pumpkin spice can be traced back farther than you think. The first reference to pumpkin spice was in 1796 in Amelia Simmons cookbook “American Cookery”. Amelia called for stewed pumpkin spiced with ginger and nutmeg for her “pompkin pudding” pie.


Pumpkin spice cupcakes

As Americans moved on to urban living, pumpkin spice and all of its glory came with them. Fast-forward a couple of centuries and pumpkin spice is no longer just a flavouring for pie, but a mass source of commercial revenue. In fact, in 2013 alone Americans spent $350 million on pumpkin flavoured products alone. The crown jewel of this pumpkin spiced epidemic happens to be – you guessed it – Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. The popularity of this fall drink is said to have been the reason for so many copycat products hitting the shelves. It has gotten to the point where even the most obscure of items seem to have found a way to jump on the bandwagon.PSL

We have seen:

For the sake of my appetite, I’d rather not go on.

What I can say about the pumpkin spice trend is that as over-saturated as it may be, I really don’t mind it. Fall is a season for crisp air, crunchy leaves, cinnamon and cozy sweaters. I’ll deal with the pumpkin spice hummus, vodka and chips if it means I can warm up by a fire drinking a delicious pumpkin spice latte.

Feature Story: Anna Fischer

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the fashion/beauty industry? Do fashion bloggers pique your interest? If so, you need to meet Anna Fischer.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.08.46 AM

Anna is a young, vibrant 20 year old living in Kingston, Ontario. She is a business student by day, and a fashion/beauty aficionado by night. Often referred to by friends as a chameleon, she is highly recognized for her constantly changing and evolving style, hair, and makeup. Anna is a girl of a million colours. Her style is eclectic, daring, and timeless. Her goal in life is to inspire others to be true to themselves, and have the courage to stand out like she does.


Anna is constantly hard at work. She juggles being a manager at ALDO, a makeup artist at MAC cosmetics, a freelance artist on the side, and is completing her business degree all while looking flawless at the same time. Despite her busy schedule, I had the chance to interview Anna, getting information on her life as a fashion and beauty guru. Here’s what she had to say:  Continue reading



“Life knows no borders, adventure awaits, have less do more”… I’ve heard it all.

For as long as I can remember i’ve never had the travel bug. Something always seemed to hold me back. I always blamed my lack of adventure on family, friends, work, essentially any lame attempt at an excuse I could muster up. Looking back I realize I was only ever holding myself back. Since overcoming a life changing year in 2014, and ringing in 2015 with a well deserved vacation, I can officially say with confidence that i’ve been bitten by the travel bug.

My desire to see the world has never felt so strong. The idea that there are people, places, and cultures just waiting to be explored excites me. Continue reading

Behind The Marlee Matters

Hello everyone!

Wow. What a rush it is to be writing my first blog post. I won’t bore you with the tiny intimate details about myself that i’m dying to share… instead be sure to head over to the about page to read all about me.

So welcome to The Marlee Matters. Where I (Jenn Marlee) will be talking about what matters to me.  As with any blog, what I truly hope to achieve is a voice. Here’s how i’m going to do it: 

  • Passion: I see blogging as a great way to express myself and create an outlet for  my true passion – writing. I want to write about basically everything and anything that interests me… fashion, beauty, life, current events, and updates on my journey as I work towards pursuing a career in public relations.

Continue reading